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Screehubb is a free professional resource and marketplace that’s custom-built to serve the specific needs of anyone connected with employee screening and drug testing. Developed by the senior leadership and sales team of DrugPak Software Suite, the website is different from other online purchasing systems because it doesn’t set prices, demand unreasonable terms, or force its members to make decisions contrary to their bests interests.

For more than two years, the development team engaged in a lengthy analysis of the screening industry that included a dialogue with people representing all aspects of the business from providers and professionals to buyers and vendors. The big ideas that drive Screenhubb – open, inclusive, easy to use - emerged during this process and laid the foundation for an approach with the power to radically transform aspects of the screening industry.

Screenhubb combines a comprehensive, searchable database with powerful e-commerce functionality and specialized account management tools. The network enables companies to deliver products and services with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, while helping workplace and workforce managers more easily find a solution or provider that fits their needs.

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