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Struggling to find sources of new business?

Your free listing in the industry’s premier on-line marketplace can be customized to highlight your particular areas of strength, qualifications, and the services you provide. You’ll be able to manage new clients utilizing efficient contracting and account set-up tools and procedures.

Tired of waiting weeks and months to receive payments for services provided?

ScreenHubb offers integrated billing and collection procedures to provide a single, consolidated, electronic billing and payment system. Many members pay in advance but the system is completely flexible and each vendor can choose which products, services or even other individual members they want to pay up front or allow payments to be made over time. You can track all orders from placement, through processing, completion, documentation, and acceptance to payment. Plus, you can sort orders by date, status, client or service.

Frustrated with errors and inaccuracies by your staff and clients?

ScreenHubb provides your clients with a mechanism to clearly specify the services they want to have performed on each of their patients and eliminates errors by your staff by clarifying client protocols. Electronic Orders - via hard copy, email or accessible through your on-line account - detail the patient, client, additional vendors, the services to be performed and their client-specific protocols. Our Collection Wizard walks the collector through the process step by step so that it is performed correctly and fully documented.

Spending too many hours faxing - and re-faxing - CCF’s?

ScreenHubb allows you to scan and attach supporting documents to the order so they are viewable and archived by the system. ScreenHubb also automatically distributes the documents to the appropriate users and indicates date and time of delivery and receipt.

Ready for a electronic CCF system that is flexible, easy and mobile?

The ScreenHubb collection module functions across multiple platforms: PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones via our Apple and Android web apps. The module provides a range of processing options: you can perform fully paper-based collections with documentation being completed online; you can choose a partially electronic option where you print CCF’s for signature using plain paper; or go completely paper-less using the ScreenHubb Collectpad. The system enables you to manually enter data and upload documents, use peripherals such as barcode readers and signature pads, or use the camera and signature capabilities of a tablet or phone.

Want more satisfied clients and a more productive staff?

ScreenHubb can dramatically improve the overall experience for your customer by allowing them to place orders in the system and track the real-time status of any order as it proceeds through the collection, testing, and review process.

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